Case Study:
How Lynn Electronics Found Big Savings in Small Parcel

A recent industry survey indicated that in the past year, 76.5% of shippers were compelled to renegotiate their small parcel rates in order to mitigate cost increases. At the same time, over half of the shippers surveyed felt that those rate negotiations were becoming more difficult with their small parcel providers. If your organization is seeking solutions to your growing small parcel spend, look no further: GlobalTranz’s Small Parcel Spend Management solutions are fast, easy, and, because they are built on a gainshare model, cost shippers nothing unless they actually realize savings.

Through GlobalTranz’s Small Parcel Spend Management solutions, Lynn Electronics achieved a 10% savings through GlobalTranz’s Small Parcel Audit program and another 13% through the Rate Negotiation program.

In this case study, you will learn about:

  • The challenges that compelled Lynn Electronics to seek a Parcel Spend Management partner
  • Critical details of the Parcel Spend Management solution from GlobalTranz
  • The results of a Parcel Spend Management partnership